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Because women dying during their reproductive years had probably reduced reproductive success, one would prefer to include only post-reproductive mothers. In contrast, in rural Bangladesh, marriages in which the husband was several years older had the lowest total marital fertility. The decrease in fitness with parental age difference exceeding the optimal.6 years was only slight, compared with the effects of a similar deviation from the optimum to the opposite direction. Analysis also suggested a sex-specific optimal age difference, as women maximized their fitness by reproducing with a 4 years older man, whereas men with a 6 years younger woman. Our findings thus fit well to our current understanding of why most men marry younger women. Demographic data on three Sami populations (Utsjoki, Inari and Enontekiö) were extracted from historical parish registers kept by the Lutheran church.

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Such mate preferences have been suggested to be adaptive, but despite a flourishing number of studies on the mate selection patterns themselves, little is still known of their actual fitness consequences. However, owing to missing information on death records, restricting the analysis to post-reproductive mothers by their known age at death would have considerably decreased our sample size. Keywords: human, fecundity, lifetime reproductive success, mate choice, sexual selection. This pattern suggests that the survival and/or fertility of men did not strongly constrain marital fitness among Sami (see also Kär., 1998 ). Availability of mates and resources). These registers consist of continuous baptism, burial and marital records of Sami who practised reindeer herding, fishing and hunting for their livelihood (. Yet, very little is known of the actual fitness consequences of such mate preferences in terms of the lifetime reproductive success. LRS was used because in these natural mortality populations, child mortality may have inflated any fitness estimates based on offspring numbers only. However, although remarriage was a rather rare event among Sami, only men were able to increase their fitness through remarriage, since men but not women (due to menopause) were able to lengthen their reproductive lifespan by remarriage ( Kär. Buss 1989 ; Kenrick Keefe 1992 ).

and 364 days or younger. In contrast to the contemporary populations studied so far, these historical Sami experienced natural fertility and mortality due to the lack of any advanced medical care or birth control methods. Furthermore, LRS is shown to be in good accordance with the long-term individual contribution to the future gene pool. We examined how the age difference between spouses who married only once affected their lifetime reproductive success in historical monogamous Sami populations. Both linear and quadratic terms of parental age difference were included in multiple regression models, as was done. Whose actual spousal age difference diverged least from the optimal age difference) were the youngest women ( r Pearson0.59,.0001 whereas those men who married most optimally were the oldest men ( r Pearson0.55,.0001).

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Age difference between spouses was calculated by subtracting wife's age at marriage from husband's age at marriage (mean (1.d.) parental age difference3.0 (6.5). This has been taken to reflect men's preference for younger women with high reproductive value, and women's preference for older men which have accumulated wealth, social status and economic stability (. The clean shaven look proved most popular with 120 matches. We also investigated how well the realized parental age difference in the population corresponded to the age difference that maximized marital fitness among these Sami. It was obvious in most cases that they were looking for a quick hook-up rather than a boyfriend. Of course, it is important to highlight that Southerst's study was a social experiment and, while his findings were assured, there are various factors that could affect the difference in matches including the time of day and day of week the images were posted and how much. In fact, the study, which was carried out for.